• Biography


    I am a PhD Candidate in the Department of Cell & Systems Biology at the University of Toronto, and was previously a Clincial Research Project Manager at the Hospital for Sick Children performing the rodent stroke (mcao) model as the lead surgeon.

    I have supervised over 29 Biology/Psychology Honors Thesis and independent research project students in the last 5 years, 23 of whom are now in their own graduate programs. My colleague has described me as a "gremlin who lives in the basement always up to no good".

    I was born and partially raised in Hong Kong. Moved to Canada at a young age and decided science was something worth pursuing. The rest is history!

    Honors Bachelor of Science - 2018

    Psych Major, Bio & Philo Minor

    University of Toronto


    Master of Science - 2021

    King's College London


    Doctor of Philosophy - 2022 - Present

    Cell & Systems Biology
    University of Toronto


    Foundations of Project Management
    University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies




    Co-Investigator for a $40,000 USD grant by the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science.


    Natural Sciences & Engineering Research Council.


    Animal Research Tomorrow Grant (Formerly Basel Declaration Society)


    University of Toronto Mississauga Graduate Research Prize